Friday, July 22, 2005


Since doctors are no help with the questions I have about my upcoming operation, I just called Krishna Thompson to ask about prosthetic limbs and rehab. He also has a prosthetic leg but instead of cancer, he lost his leg to a shark attack(!!!) It was all I could do not to keep asking about the shark. "How big was it? What kind of shark was it? Did you fight him?" But he did say that his doctor told him that according to the tooth size and bite on his leg, he should have died on the beach. Aside from getting my vicarious thrill from someone else's shark encounter, Krishna was a lot of help. He told me that you get fitted for the new leg about two months after the operation and that the surgeon will smooth out the femur bone to lessen the pain you'd experience by putting pressure on it. Rehab is going to be a lot of work but it had him up and walking on his new leg within two weeks. So the rest of my year is going to be tough but do-able. Plus I get lots and lots of sweet sweet painkillers to help me along the way. Mmm, Vicodin!

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