Monday, May 29, 2006

Return of the Prodigal Cripple

About the hiatus? The big time out? The endless intermission?
Hell, it's been so long, the last time I wrote we did not have a new AMERICAN IDOL,
THE AMAZING RACE had not been run, and The Pussycat Dolls' SEARCH FOR THE NEW DOLL had yet to begin.

But I've been busy having my life changed, then changed back again and then changed a couple of more times. It's complicated.

There have been new obstacles!
Trials AND tribulations!
Sorrow AND pity!
Bus rides!
Head injuries!
Finger injuries!
Torso injuries!
Bad television!
Drama! Romance! Fresh fruit picked from trees!
And for a magical day, I became a gerund.

So as soon as I can get these experiences down into concise bite-sized form and I can transfer recent photographs, I shall keep this blog up to speed. Plus, updates on what I watch that passes for entertainment - movie reviews, TV reviews, book reviews, crime updates!! And for no extra charge you get my opinions! Opinions no one asked for and sometimes I can't defend!! Also also plus, the usual sad array of misspellings and punctuation errors! All in one easy-to-digest blog form.

So thanks for stopping by, make yourselves comfortable!
Get your drink and snack on!
But please take your shoes off, the carpet is new.

And neuter and spay your pets.