Monday, July 10, 2006

Shivered Timbers

From a LA casting agent:


Open Casting Call - Through 15 August 2006
Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Monday through Friday, 11am – 3pm

Seeking Pirates -- men age 18+, all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities: Asian, Spanish, French, African, Syrian, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Armenian, Arab, Persian, Caucasian, South American, Pacific Islander, Eskimo, etc...

You must be an extreme character type! We need extremely skinny, very tall, very short, hunchback, little people, unusual facial features and body types, exotic amputees, albinos, etc.

Wow, not just amputees, but EXOTIC amputees?? Hey, I'm a brown-eyed brunette/blonde, I could pass for multi-culti! And big tits! Big ol' tits and one leg always puts butts in movie seats, it's a sure thing!

I will be awaiting Mr. Bruckheimer's call....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Oops The Monkey Flies The Coop

Quote of the week:
(regarding capturing an escaped monkey from the zoo)

"We hope to take advantage of a hungry monkey."

(Full Story From CNN: