Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not Lemmy!

Via PopBitch:
Lemmy collapses after gig

Lemmy, a man who once survived a two-week amphetamine bender on just two fruit pies and some yoghurt, was hospitalised last week for dehydration and exhaustion.

It was after a gig at Fury Fest in France. Despite 130 degree heat onstage, Lemmy insisted on doing the final two encores. Drummer Mikkey says, "We managed to get through Ace Of Spades, so I said 'come on Lemm, let's just skip the last one, Overkill'. But he said, "No Mikkey, we're doing 'Overkill' but maybe we can just play it a little slower... "

Lemmy's manager has been trying to get him to start a more healthy lifestyle so the European tour can continue. Lemmy has compromised... he's agreed to start adding ice cubes to his Jack Daniels.

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