Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's only love and that is all

Having a Bryan Ferry moment, don't mind me. Since I have about three or four weeks until the leg goes guh-bye, I've taken up the internet dating thing. Because why not? Do I not deserve to be loved/stongly liked just like everybody else does? Do I not want some 20-40 year old male attention every now and then? Somehow I thought the internet personal ads would be easier. I could very plainly state my condition and get a chance to show off my great big juicy chess-club brain by being clever. Ha-ha, joke's on me. I was 'chatting' with a fellow the other night. He's a filmmaker, 38, single, his personal was very normal. We were getting along well, emailing to and fro about movies, pretty mild stuff. Then he gave me his phone number and told me to call. Impressed by his forwardness (and thriftiness; it was after 10pm) I did. We continued talking like, "I'm bored" "yeah me too" etc. He then asked if I had any pictures of myself to email him. I went through the files and found a full body pic, but it was from 1993. Immediately he began grilling me, "Is this recent? Do you exercise? What do you do for exercise? Are you in shape? Because I'm very much about being in shape." That should have been a tip-off but duh, I'm new to this in-ter-net dating. So then he offered to send me some pictures of himself. They came through the email and there he was. Headless and stark naked. And, erm, happy to see someone. I was pretty flustered but I still have my manners so I tried to get off the phone and on the other end it sounded like he was much more into the call then I thought. The last thing I heard as I hung up was 'uhhhhhhhh!'.

Anyone need some pictures of a naked dude, let me know. Maybe you can Photoshop some nice shorts on him.

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