Monday, August 22, 2005

The other end of the telescope

Hi kids. Sorry for the hiatus, things have been crazy. First, I erased last week's performance episode of RockStar:INXS so here's the recap - the contestants sang good, some sang bad. More importantly, I met with Dr. Kenan on Friday. I was fully expecting one of two things – either a fight or an appointment for the amputation. Instead I got door number three, which was him convincing me to see two more doctors for yet another couple of second opinions. One is a sarcoma specialist/surgeon at Mt. Sinai, one is the head of Radiology at Beth Israel. So both of them will get to look at my most recent MRIs and tell me if they think I have a fibrosarcoma or a fibromitosis. That’s all guessing, mind you. Oh yeah, and my biopsy slides are being sent to some big deal Pathologist in Boston, so he can guess whether or not I have a fibrosarcoma or a fibromitosis. Gah. On one hand, I’m so sick of having cancer. On the other I’m in no rush to have my leg chopped off. So it’s more doctors, tests, and waiting for now.

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