Monday, July 18, 2005

A sisyphean task

Back from Dr. K's. What a delightful time. The last time I talked to K-Man on the phone, he all but said the knee replacement plan was off the table. Now when I saw him, he mentioned all three options again (knee replacement, backwards foot, amputation) as if two of those are realistic at this point! I finally cut him off and said, 'look I've pretty much decided on amputation so I don't even want to talk about the other two ideas right now.' I think he was surprised that I was able to say that without bursting into tears. Then I tried to ask him questions about the operation and it was like pulling teeth. Karl (who was with me) and I sounded like we were dealing with a hostile witness in court - 'so it is my understanding that I'll be in the hospital for five days after the amputation, correct?' 'Yes.' 'And I'll be going home then?' 'Yes.' 'And six weeks to two months later I'd be fitted for a prosthetic leg, right?' 'Yes' 'And at that point I'd be going into rehab?' 'Yes'. Jeez! Spit it out man! I'll be glad to have this done just so I never have to deal with him again.

Oh and icing on the cake? When I had my skirt hiked up and he was checking to see where the tumor on my leg ended, he asked if my three inch infusion scar was from lipo.

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