Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Murderball and March of the Penguins

Both are awesome. One’s about quad rugby, one’s about penguins. “Murderball” features super-tough sports guys who just happen to be in wheelchairs, Mark Zupan, lots and lots of cursing, a glimpse of quad sex, quad-on-quad violence and one really mean (but really funny) prank. “March” features thousands of Emperor penguins waddling, swimming, balancing eggs on their feet, cute baby chicks, frozen dead baby chicks and lots and lots of ice. Both theaters featured excellent air conditioning and cold beverages. And best of all, no one lost a leg, which I’ve seen in four movies over the past year (Million Dollar Baby, Revenge of the Sith, Kill Bill 1, and Sin City). What more could I ask for?

“Murderball” also reminded me that once I get the new leg (I keep calling it the fake leg, bad me) I’ll be eligible for the Paralympics. Must find sport to be good at, maybe archery.

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