Sunday, July 24, 2005


This picture is where I may have been the happiest in my life - Maui, Hawaii in the year 2000. Check it out, I have two legs unaffected by cancer, possibly for the last time.
During this trip, I was the guest of the Mule family. Mrs. Mule was a 24-carat gold BITCH who insisted on controlling every single situation she was involved in. Once when the two year-old nephew was playing with a toy I had given him as a gift, she SNATCHED it out of his little hands and shoved one of her gifts into them instead. Anyhoo, it was her birthday during the Hawaii trip and she felt like this meant that she was in charge of everything that was going on. Going on a bike trip? Run it by Mrs. Mule first. Going to the beach with the kids? Better see what Mrs. Mule felt like doing. After a while (a day) it got really tiring. So her daughter came up with just telling her 'mahalo' when Mrs. Mule would go into one of her tirades, except instead of meaning 'thank you', as it does in Hawaiian, we all agreed that we really meant 'fuck you' when dealing with her tantrums. So now when doctors are pissing me off with waiting and their shitty attitudes, I'm thinking 'mahalo'!

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