Monday, July 11, 2005

dem bones

From Craigslist today, typos from the original:

i have a free skeleton that i need to get out of my apartment. it is missing a left fibia, two metatarsel bones, and two ribs are dangling. i stole the skeleton from my high school eight years ago, and we’ve had plenty of good times since - like the dancing on the roof, seeing “the hours” together (how we cried!), and, on some lonely nights, a bit of cuddling (thats what broke the fibia).

but my girlfriend just moved in and he freaks her out. his name is milan kundera. first one to pick up gets it.

p.s. no weirdos that want to do weirdo things to milan. he’s a gentle skeleton.

Yep, no weirdos need apply. I am kind of tempted but he is missing a fibia so what good can he be to me?

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